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Mobile Personal Emergency Response System Product Review     

AmbitCare Smart Watch

The AmbitCare is also a GSM-based smart phone with integrated AGPS and Bluetooth technologies. The watch has emergency call, location tracking, biometric measurements for vital signs via Bluetooth, falling detection, speed dial for family members, abnormal temperature alert, and medical appointment alert features. The watch is water resistant and can be worn at all times including time in the bathroom such that whenever an emergency happens, the appropriate service responder is notified immediately. A 24/7 web-based call center can be established to allow timely routing to the appropriate service provider using this watch¡¦s wireless communication features. This device is also a simple and convenient way for family members concerned about their parents to monitor the parents¡¦ current health states and possibly perform remote diagnosis.


Main features:

1.     GPS/GPRS/GSM/G-sensor/P-sensor

2.     Interface Bluetooth Biometric Measurement Device ¡V weight scale, pulse oximeter, ECG monitor, blood pressure, glucose meter, thermometers

3.     Falling detection

4.     Emergency call

5.     Family speed dialing call

6.     Abnormal temperature alert

7.     Medicine, doctor visit reminder

8.     Cloud computing server supported

9.     Iphone, IPad, Android web enable

10.  Water proof

11.  Touch screen

12.  OEM/ODM available and provides the white label Cloud base web applications for smart phone and integrated with existing CRM system.

AmbitCare is currently seeking the major distributors in North and South American region. Please contact

Lifecomm mPERS
Falling is the most common cause of hospital admissions for trauma and the leading cause of injury and death among those ages 65 and older, the CDC reports. One big reason a fall can be so serious is that, for seniors living alone, it may be hours before anyone notices. Lifecomm's new mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) uses cellular network signals to transmit messages to a caregiver in the event of a fall. Just slightly bigger than an iPod Nano, the wearable battery-powered belt clip, watch or necklace has as an embedded GPS (in case help is needed away from home) and a sensor that tracks the number of steps a person takes, along with their activity level. Veer from the norm and the device sends a caregiver alert. It also comes with online support tools where caregivers can sign up for things like low-battery alerts.

The system works well as long as it's in range of a strong cell signal and there's still no getting around the fact that its owner must remember to wear it to get the high-tech benefits. The company says the device will be 'comparable' in price to other systems (Wellcore offers a similar product for $199 with a $49.99 monthly fee).

Wellcore -

The Wellcore Personal Emergency Response System stormed onto the market in early 2010 with a great deal of enthusiasm , and then dissapeared mysteriously from the market just as abruptly as it appeared.  It remains OFF the market at this time, and a company representative told The Senior List that ¡§We licensed our fall detection technology last year, and have since discontinued shipping the product to end customers¡§.  The below review is an fyi just in case we see this mysterious fall detection device resurface sometime soon¡K

Product Info:
¡½Name:  Wellcore Personal Emergency Response System
¡½Website Info:
¡½Auto Fall Detection? :  Yes
¡½Equipment Cost:  $199
¡½Monthly Cost:  $49
¡½Features:  Brushed Aluminum Belt Clip, Water Proof Panic Buttons, Wireless, 24/7 Monitoring, Auto Fall Detection, Activity Tracking, Online Dashboard (for activity tracking, etc), Cell Phone Compatible
Even though the Wellcore fall detection device is OFF the market, it sounds as though a deal may be in the works and that we could see it again sometime this year (licensed away, but perhaps re-branded).  Given this assumption, we¡¦ll include this system in our review of Medical Alert Systems.

The Wellcore Personal Emergency Response System is one of the new PERS/Fall Detection brands on the block.  Launched officially at CES 2010¡¬s Silver Summit, the Wellcore alert system touts a ¡§brushed aluminum¡¨ base station and mobile device with a contemporary design.  Like most/all of the other manufacturers, the mobile alert buttons are waterproof.  The base station will remind the user to to wear their mobile device if forgotten.

The Wellcore System incorporates Fall Detection Technology that automatically senses when a user has fallen (even if they don¡¦t press the panic button).  If the user is unresponsive to the base unit¡¦s inquiry, help is summond by a call center.  Interestingly, The Wellcore system can be paired with a ¡§Wellcore-compatible cell phone¡¨ to provide fall detection on the go (anywhere within the cell phone¡¦s coverage area). Also includes an online dashboard with secure access for monitoring and activity trending data.

If you¡¦ve used the Wellcore Medical Alert System with Fall Detection or know someone who has, please let us know your opinion in the comments section below


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