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    Ambit International Inc., is a Texas base system integration company with 10 years experience in telemedicine development for RFID Reader/Controller/Gateway/SDK tool and integrated medical web applications. Ambit offers the most cost efficient white label products and ODM/OEM option for further enhancement request.

    The most innovative gadget designed and manufactured by Ambit International called Ambit Smart Care (ASC) is a platform integrated elderly care, medical services, wireless conveniences, and environmental safety features into a single device and managed by scalable cloud computing services. The device enables the users to have their own personal space and freedom by allowing the users to manage and share their real-time health status. This product can also work with other third party service providers to deliver additional features and functionalities that will further enhance the user¡¦s life style and adds peace of mind for everyone.

    The ASC is also a GSM-based smart phone watch with integrated AGPS and Bluetooth technologies. The watch has emergency call, location tracking, biometric measurements for vital signs via Bluetooth, falling detection, speed dial for family members, abnormal temperature alert, and medical appointment alert features. The watch is water resistant and can be worn at all times including time in the bathroom such that whenever an emergency happens, the appropriate service responder is notified immediately. A 24/7 web-based call center can be established to allow timely routing to the appropriate service provider using this watch¡¦s wireless communication features. This device is also a simple and convenient way for family members concerned about their parents to monitor the parents¡¦ current health states and possibly perform remote diagnosis.
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