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ASUS Eee PC 7" Ultra Mobile Notebook     

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Eee PC Pearl White 4G Surf Notebook

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Four color available (Pearl White, Blush Pink, Lush Green, Galax Black)

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    ASUS 7' Eee PC 4G Surf Notebook, Intel CPU, 512MB DDR2, 4GB SSD HDD, WiFi, HD Audio, Mic, 3 USB ports, VGA Out

    Be the first to own a piece of history - a brand-new platform for PC. Join the revolutionary new form factor. It's not a laptop. It's not a notebook. It's not a ultra mobile PC (UMPC). It's everything above.

    Have you ever found your notebook to be too bulky and heavy to be taken around? No more, your laptop doesn't have to be an inconvenient dumbbell which you often wish to leave without. Upgrade to EEE PC from ASUS and take it anywhere with its almost PDA size but a full computer capability at only 2 pounds. Small and light, capable and wireless, work, learn, play! Share photos of your travels on the go. Shop, browse the web at any available hotspot. Solid state hard drive will keep your data safe even if you drop the notebook. Multiple USB ports allow additional expansion like storage, bluetooth, GPS, CD/DVD, etc. An SD card slot will conveniently expand storage and read your pictures. Wirelessly connect with friends and family, take it anywhere, accomplish anything! It is so robust and inexpensive that even your kids can use it too. Finally, an ultra portable at a low, low price available to anyone with features of a full PC. Brought to you by ASUS, the undisputed leader in quality computer and notebook innovations.


    7' screen compact design with only 2 pounds fully equipped. Durable, shock-proof solid-state flash based hard drive, avoids lost data during bumps, drops, and shakes. Rich choice of network and wireless connectivity. Graphic user interface for simplicity and ease of use with the included Linux small footprint OS, Xandros custom variant. Over 40 built-in applications for learn, work and play, or use your own OS (like XP or Linux).


    • Case: Galaxy Black, scratch proof, bump proof.
    • Model Name: ASUS EEE PC 4G Surf.
    • LCD Display: Color 7' TFT LCD with LED backlight at 800x480 resolution
    • Intel CPU: 900MHz Intel Celeron-M ULV 353, Dothan-512 ultra-low-voltage, 90 nm
    • Chipset: Mobile Intel 915GM Express Chipset with GMA900 GPU
    • Graphics: Integrated Intel GMA 900 graphics processor using shared RAM
    • Audio: High-Definition Audio CODEC with stereo internal speakers
    • Input: Full size (for a notebook) keyboard and capable touchpad (as a mouse)
    • Operating System: Linux, custom Xandros version. Able to run Windows XP (not included).
    • LAN: Built in 10/100 Mbit Ethernet by Attansic Technology Corp.
      Wireless: 802.11 B/G WiFi, Atheros chipset
    • Memory: 512 MB DDR2 (Non-upgradeable).
    • Hard Drive: 4GB S.S.D. Storage (does not corrupt due to bumps and shakes)
    • Card Reader: One slot reads MMC/SD/MS/SDHC cards
    • Audio: Built in High Definition audio, Stereo speakers, Microphone.
    • USB: 3 x USB v2.0 ports for maximum device connection
    • Video-Out: Standard analog 15pin port for an external monitor (1600х1200 max)
    • Audio-Out: Standard stereo 3.5' jack for headphones or external speakers
    • Battery: 4 cell, 7.4V 4400 mAH NiMH battery, around 2.8hrs of normal continuous use*.
    • Other: AC adapter, recovery CD, a manual are all included.
    • Major Applications: Firefox, Thunderbird, Open Office, Adobe Reader, Skype, Media Player
    • Measurements: 9' wide, 6.5' long, 1' high when closed, 2.25LB with battery.
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