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Ambit 3.5G Mobile Router ROU137 Released     

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  • Ambit crosses that twilight zone between mobile broadband wireless connections and wi-fi with its 3.5G mobile router (MOI-ROU137). Just plug a compatible PCMCIA card to mobile router slot, it will connect the HSDPA, UMTS or EVDO network with any wi-fi enabled device. The palm size of mobile router is equiped with battery bank allowed 3 hours access time and car power adapter. Ambit Mobile Router is available for HSDPA, UMTS, EVDO network, it's price is affordable; $129 MSRP.

    About Ambit Mobile

    Ambit Mobile is a system integrated solution provider for mobile communication sector. Ambit dedicated to the marketing and distribution in US region for major OEM/ODM manufactures and software house. Our mission is to integrate the world class wireless devices and software solution  in very competitive price. 

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